Not the Jazz Guy

by Dan Cray

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released May 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Dan Cray Massachusetts

...flows from one beautiful, unsettling melody to the next, sometimes contemplative, at others softly abrasive. American Music Club, Pavement, Miracle Legion and Yo La Tengo come to mind.
-Jim Santo from Demo Universe

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Track Name: Where U Been
Everyone's waiting,
Everyone came.
To see how it's ending,
To see if you've changed.
They heard you were lost,
But now you've come home.
Where have you been kid,
Where did you go?

There's so many questions.
There's so much to say.
So much has happened,
Since you went away.
But they can't find the words,
When they get you alone.
Where have you been kid,
Where did you go?
Track Name: Wings
She was standing by the stairs,
With last night tangled in her hair,
And someone else's tears
Trapped in her eyes.

When I asked her how she was,
She gave the quilt she wore a shrug,
And glanced out her cracked window
Toward the sky.

And Sarah said, "It sounds a little strange,
But there's a big blue sky,
And today I feel it's weight."

She said, "Most of us are just songbirds on display,
And with healthy wings,
You feel more of the cage."

The place was still a mess,
So I poured us what was left,
Then i brought it out
And placed it in her hand.

She shuddered as she sipped,
Then she wiped her stiffened lip,
And said, "Thank you, love,
I knew you'd understand."
Track Name: A Little Less
If you swallow this today,
There's no longing,
There's no more pain.
Just an empty where the feeling used to be.

A little numbness to the touch,
It's not good,
to feel so much.
The less you feel, the less you really need.

And every day,
Leaves a little bit less,
of me.

If you swallow this today,
You won't mind anything they say,
You may not even feel,
the need to speak.

It's the things we have to say,
To keep the things we feel at bay,
That drives us from the cradle,
to our knees.

A little more,
A little less,
Till there's
very little left.
Track Name: Tailspin
Awake for days,
But you can't sleep.
Restless legs.
Reckless dreams.
You'll never keep.

You'd slow it down,
If you knew how.
Take control.
Shut it down.
But it's too late.
To change it now.

You know you'll never win.
This won't take long.
You're caught in a tailspin.
Just relax,
The brakes are gone.
Track Name: Love
We were fighting for your virtue
When you fell upon my sword,
I asked you if I'd hurt you,
You said it could've hurt some more.

Deep inside,
We both know you're half crazy,
But I may have been the one who drove you nuts,
So I guess we'll call it love.

You were pleading to his honor,
As the grounds of my defense,
When you offered up my alibi,
You said, "He came and went."

I was swearing my devotion,
Vowed I'd love you till I die.
You said, "I'd make a lovely widow, dear,
But an unconvincing bride."
Track Name: Wait
While I try to think of what to say,
To maybe make you want to stay.
Something clever.
Something better,
than wait.
I'm thinking if we talked a while,
I could maybe make you smile,
And you wouldn't want to leave.
I can't believe we're lying here,
I never thought I'd be this near,
So close to everything I dreamed.
There's part of me that's terrified.
It's drowning in your perfect eyes,
And knows someday you'll look away.
It isn't what you think it is.
You've only heard one side of this.
There's so much more that you should know,
Before you go.
While I try to think of what to say,
To make you turn around and stay.
You don't have to leave,
just wait
Track Name: Piano
above us
Track Name: Firing Line
There's nothing left to say.
We said it all before.
It's everything we said,
That's led to this.

There's nothing left to do,
We've done it all to death.
It's time we closed its eyes,
and laid our love to rest.

It cuts like I'm being carved up from the inside.
It aches like my hollowed-out gut's been packed with ice.

And that's just half
the weight of your sigh.
That's why I pray they aim straight,
and I smile at the firing line.

Was it worth the cost?
The never ending fight?
Are you any better off, love,
now that you've proved you right?

Light my last cigarette,
My hands are tied,
brush your lips across my cheek,
and pull the blindfold tight.
Track Name: Walk Away
Our last farewell resigned itself
To a mannequin embrace,
As guarded as our footsteps in the snow.
It's harder than I thought it'd be
to turn and walk away,
And it's sweeter than it ought to be to go.

The backseat's packed With all the things
that you no longer need,
I'll climb in and drive your past away.
It hurts a bit to leave a ship
That's grounded in mid stream,
But in the rising tide, It's suicide to stay.

So tally up the damages,
The balance and the blame,
I'll find a way to pay you what I owe.
It's harder than I thought it'd be
To turn and walk away,
And sweeter than it ought to be to go.